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Important Considerations For Adding On To Your Home

Do you need more space because your family is growing? Or did you recently buy a home knowing you’d want to add onto it? Whatever the reason, you’ve decided to add onto your house. As you start thinking about the project, you may realize there are a lot of details that go into planning a house addition. Start with a dream, then make adjustments to make it reality.

Addition Design

Knowing you need more space is only the first step in planning an addition to your house. The first question you should ask yourself is why. What space requirement is your home currently not meeting?

It can be hard to see past the existing plan, so don’t start by trying to envision the add-on. Instead, imagine how you would design your house if you were starting from scratch. Next, think about where you see yourself needing more space. Finally, consider any problems, such as traffic flow or storage, you want to solve.

This first stage can be fun. Indeed, don’t be afraid to dream big. Save pictures on your computer, and even visit a showroom in person to get inspiration for your addition. Look specifically at structures that help solve your space problems while also potentially adding value to your house.

Return on Investment

There are two ways to approach the question of what the return on your investment will be. The first is money. You may not be thinking of selling your home in the near future, but it’s a good bet you’ll sell it eventually. A high-quality home addition can have a positive impact on a house’s resale value. According to Home Advisor, you can see the following return on investment based on room type:

  • Two-story addition (upstairs master suite and a downstairs living area): 65%
  • Master suite: 63%
  • Bathroom: 53%
  • Sunroom: 49%

Unless you’re putting your house on the market in the near future, the second approach to considering a return on investment is more important. Simply, how will the additional space augment your lifestyle? If you plan your addition well, considering not only more space but those area problems, adding on to your house will greatly increase your home life.


At some point in the planning and even implementing phase you’ll need to decide what you want to splurge on. Splurges can include materials or structures. Some add cost to the project, while others are relatively budget-friendly.

First think about structures. If you’re adding a family room, do you want a built-in media center? A fireplace is a cozy add-on for different spaces. A wet bar can facilitate entertaining. You can also plan for utilizing unused spaces, such as designing a window seat.

The other big splurge is in materials. Naturally, your construction experts will use only high-quality foundational materials. However, decide if upgrading is worthwhile. For instance, if a bathroom is part of the addition plan, do you want to upgrade to granite countertops and glass tile in the shower?

In fact, this is the stage where you have to start being realistic. Consider your remodel budget, and choose only the splurges that you most want.

Blending the Addition

One consideration that isn’t a splurge is ensuring the addition blends with the rest of your house, both inside and out. Concerning the exterior, the materials such as siding and roofing should match. The same is true in windows – you should repeat the type. So, if you have double-hung windows for the majority of your house, you should repeat them in the addition.

The same is true for interior structures, such as molding and flooring. However, you also want your addition to be modern – don’t shy away from modern conveniences even if you have an historical home. Keep the look cohesive by matching the color palette and the finishes with the rest of the house.

Adding on to your house is a big but exciting step. Let the expert contractors at Patriot Construction help plan and execute your home addition.

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