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3 Tips for Approaching a Roof Replacement

You know the importance of your roof. It’s not just a cap for your house, keeping the rain away – although that’s an important function. The roof is an integral part of your house’s building envelope, which affects your utility bills. It also comprises a large portion of your home’s façade.

Facing the need for a roof replacement may seem daunting. After all, home remodels do require time and money. However, the long-term benefits of a roof replacement typically outweigh the costs. Here are three tips as you approach a roof replacement. (more…)


Patriot Construction Specializes In Roofing Services Roofs require maintenance overtime due to factors such as old age, physical damage, or ice build up. Other common issues we see with our customer’s roofs are insufficient ventilation and improper installation. Patriot Construction’s Owner, Jan Brewster, is a Haag Certified Roofing Inspector and can diagnose and repair problems with your […]