• Year: 19 Jun 2014
  • Project: Four Seasons Room Addition
  • Price Range: $30,000.00 - $40,000.00
  • location:
    Spencerport, NY

A Sunshine Addition

Job Specifications:

  1. Build deck per plans for Four Seasons room.
  2. Supply and install framing per plans.
  3. Supply and install trusses.
  4. Supply and install Mezzo windows.
  5. Supply and install two transom windows and six, two lite sliders.
  6. Install entrance from existing structure to seasons room.
  7. Supply and install 15 light door to outside of back yard.
  8. Supply and install insulation to walls, ceiling, and under deck.
  9. Install six electric plugs, two switches, and two lights.
  10. Install ceiling fan.
  11. Supply and install vinyl paneling on interior ceiling.
  12. Supply and install drywall to walls.
  13. Paint walls and ceiling.
  14. Supply and install new ¼” luan over subfloor.
  15. Supply and install linoleum floor.
  16. Supply and install colonial baseboard trim.
  17. Install new Ty-Vec over existing plywood frame.
  18. Install new siding to areas as needed to match existing as close as possible.
  19. Supply and install new roof on sunroom to match existing roof as closely as possible.
  20. Supply and install new steps off sunroom.
  21. Supply and install new deck off of seasons room.
  22. Deck to be structured out of pressure treated wood for deck and handrails.

In addition to executing the job specifications, we had to get building permits, electrical inspections, truss inspection, and architectural plans drawn up.

From the exterior, the siding flows seamlessly with the house. You can especially see this with the half round architectural window paired with the dormer. We loved the way this provided a clean and uniform look while adding interest to the home.

We added character in a cost-savvy way with vinyl ceiling treatments.

The wood flooring enhanced the luxurious feel to the four seasons room.

And wouldn’t you know this four seasons room was built on a deck!


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