A: Please have all valuables such as knick-knacks, pictures, furniture, etc. away from the working area’s so there is no chance of breakage or any sort of damage. We cannot be held responsible for anything that falls or breaks. Please note that when work begins there will be drywall dust. If this is a concern, we can take extra care at an additional cost.

A: Typically we make arrangements for a key or, set times to get in. The easier we can get in the quicker the work can be done.

A: Yes. Typically we will have to dig out the yard and re-grade to rough grade. The homeowner will have to re-seed.

A: Jobs can vary pending on side and specialty. Pending your specific needs, we will communicate. Unfortunately, due to special orders and unforeseen possibilities, sometimes the job might take longer than expected.

A: Yes. We like to keep the dumpster as close to the job as possible. We do have some flexibility.

A: We are extremely flexible. Depending on your animal’s specific needs, you will not have to board your animals. We would like to make sure that your animals are put away in an area where they cannot escape from the house if we need to go in and out.

A: We try to keep working outside until last. However, sometimes we don’t have work from the inside first. If we do, we will set up temporary shelter or door.

A: Yes, we do them all the time. We will protect or build temporary shelters as needed.

A: You can contact George at (585) 750-5592. Please understand we will answer your calls when you call so if it is after office hours please be considerate. You can also reach the owner Jan at (585) 303-1340.

A: Patriot Construction has a 1-year warranty on all service work for the job done. As well as any additional product warranty.