A: Make sure anything valuable you have is off the walls and shelves. These items may possibly fall and break when there is work being done. Make sure that all vehicles are out of the way.

A: There is always going to be some nails once we clean up the job site. This varies from job to job. We do our best by taking a magnet to try and collect all the nails. If you are not happy with the clean-up please contact us and we can have someone come back out to pick up the remaining debris.

A: The dumpster should be as close to the job as possible. This will allow us the easiest access to throw debris away. We try not to put any dumpster on the lawn. The dumpster is a roll out dumpster that is placed on boards.

A: Not until we are done with the job. There could be an additional charge depending on what you throw in the dumpster and the final cost of the weight of the dumpster.

A: Normally, we use a general coverage of your landscaping. We cannot guarantee that things will not be damaged. Special arrangements will have to be made to protect special plants. This can be done at an additional cost.

A: No, however we do need access to an exterior power outlet. Sometimes circuits can pop so their might need to be access if a circuit does pop.

A: Patriot Construction is not responsible for any fuses that pop. It is assumed exterior plugs are up to code.

A: Excessive amounts of pet waste should be cleaned up by the homeowner before the job starts. Some pets are highly sensitive to large banging and noise. It would be the homeowner’s responsibility to decide whether or not they should make arrangements for their pets depending on the pet’s personality.

A: You can contact George at (585) 750-5592. Please understand we will answer your calls when you call so if it is after office hours please be considerate. You can also reach the owner Jan at (585) 303-1340.

A: Patriot Construction has a 1 year warranty on all service work for the job done. As well as, any additional product warranty./p>