• Year: 25 Jun 2018
  • Project: Siding
  • Price Range: $12,000.00 - $16,000.00
  • location:
    Rochester, NY

Savvy Stone Exterior

Job Specifications:

  1. Installed Mastic Ovation D4 siding color Newport Bay.
  2. Installed Vinyl stone to front of home
  3. Installed White super corners.
  4. Installed brick mold trim around windows and doors.
  5. Installed light blocks, electrical boxes, and hose bib box to add a better look.
  6. Installed white trim between siding and vinyl stone.
  7. Installed invisivent soffits.  This is a seamless look, whether you have vented or non-vented soffit areas, becuase the holes are not visible.


Our client was looking to refesh the extiror of his home and loved the look of stone.  In an effort to optimize his budget, but not loose on style, he opted for vinyl stone, rather than real stone.  The final product has the same great look, without the heafty price tag.


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